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Welcome To South Mountain Home Rehabilitation

We see our responsibility as rehab specialists to promote functional independence of our clients. We achieve this through the use of evidence based practice principles that have been well researched through the use of scientific methods. When we come to your home we evaluate your personal needs to form a plan of care, prevent further injury, and improve any chronic condition or impairment. The first time you are seen by our therapists you will receive a comprehensive evaluation, a plan of care will be outlined for you that address your specific needs, and you will also be given a home exercise program for you to do in between physical therapy visits.

Our Mission

  • Provide quality physical therapy in your own home
  • Provide superior care in an efficient, compassionate manner to our patients, in an atmosphere that is friendly, pleasant and stimulating.
  • Help you or your loved one maintain independence at home with physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Educate our patients to promote better self management
  • Provide care that is specific to each patient.
  • To improve the overall health and well-being of our community

How We Care For You

Balance training and Fall prevention programs

Gait Training

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal injuries

Design specific Home Exercise Programs

Pain reduction

Why We Take Care Of You

Prevent Falls

Decrease hospitalization

Maintain Independence

Who We Take Care Of

Anyone who does not qualify for Home Health Care (i.e., not homebound, Medicare A insurance will no longer pay) and feels they could benefit from continued physical therapy.

Anyone needing physical therapy and does not want to or is unable to go to a clinic.

Anyone who feels that their physical abilities are starting to decline and would like to improve them for greater independence.

We Make It Convenient

  • We come to you and provide therapy services in your own home
  • We contact your doctor for you
  • We do all the paperwork
  • Most Therapy is billed through Medicare part B and a supplement or secondary insurance.

6770 South 900 East Suite 100
Midvale, Utah 84047
Phone: 801.523.6376
Fax: 801.523.8242